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Up to 65% off for qualifying SMB’s across UK and Ireland


E-Book - Accelerated Engineering for Small and Medium Business

This ebook addresses the challenges and obstacles SMBs face. We cover how they can meet those challenges with the right tools and how advanced technology is now accessible to companies of all sizes.

Working with our partners:


Explore our affordable Mechanical Design bundles for small and medium businesses to find the perfect solution for your budget and needs.

Manage your design tools to meet your needs now, while future-proofing your business and protecting your data. Flexible software deployment lets you mix and match software and licensing options so you can easily deploy the right Siemens design tool for your diverse business and engineering needs, at an affordable price. With Siemens and Kaizen, you get a single trusted vendor for mechanical design software and support and the widest range of features, functions and capabilities, all while lowering your total cost of ownership.

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