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Expert led Insights Hub Training Courses

Let us help you make the most out of your Insights Hub and IOT software investment.

Getting Started with Insights Hub and IOT

(Previously Mindsphere)

Category: Siemens Insights Hub Course

Course Type: Scheduled

Duration: 1 days

Location: Kaizen PLM Office, Client Site, Remote (Online)

User Level: Beginner


This is an introduction to Insights Hub course that enables users to learn more about core components offered by Insights Hub. Developers will learn how to connect assets, develop applications with no/low code or traditional development, and use Insights Hub capabilities to analyse data.


Course Content:

  • Introducing MindConnect

  • Introducing MindAccess

  • Introducing Insight Hub Applications

  • Enhancing Production Efficiencies with Insight Hub

  • Introducing Insights Hub Deployment Models

  • Managing a Insights Hub Environment ( Tenant )

  • Creating the IoT Data Model for Insights Hub



Other Insights Hub Courses

Kaizen PLM also offer the below courses to further expand your knowledge:


Creating Custom Agents with MindConnect Library: Detailed insights into MindConnect Library, enabling you to build your own custom agent for Insights Hub using C programming language


Developing Applications for Insights Hub: Develop a Insights Hub app using Mendix by deploying web components, consuming Insights Hub APIs. Develop multi-tenant aware and self-hosted applications.


Developing Applications for Insights Hub with Mendix: Learn to use the Mendix low code application development platform for creating customisable applications for Insights Hub


Analysing Data in Insights Hub (Advanced):Learn to gain detailed insights into Insights Hub native app – Insights Hub Monitor. You will also get to know various features of Operations Insight.

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