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Experience Reality - Use your 3D CAD and PLM assets in Design, Manufacturing and Production experiences with immersive XR

Closing the Cognitive Gap

Closing the gap between the digital and physical world presents an opportunity to exploit the power of digital product development and digital manufacturing as a competitive advantage.

Kaizen PLM has taken a unique approach to making this opportunity accessible, demonstrating how we are helping enlightened manufacturers to embrace the next wave of collaboration, and delivering the technologies and products that are at the forefront of this immersive revolution.

Design Review Experience

The Design Review Experience enables a group of engineers, local or in remote locations, to interactively review a design through the immersive experience of XRtechnologies, closing the cognitive distance for all involved, and providing a unique collaborative workspace.


Importantly, the design review process can be recorded, capturing comments and issues for wider cascade and use by other members of the extended team (including full management reports).


The Design Review Experience can bring distributed experts and practitioners together to review, debate and resolve issues in real-time, improving access, saving time, and avoiding costly travel.

Production Build Experience

The Production Build Experience harnesses the power of Virtual, Augmented, or Mixed Reality to enable manufacturers to prepare their teams ahead of the availability of physical assets.

It also supports staff training in Augmented and Mixed Reality in complex build tasks by overlaying 3D graphics and 2D text on top of the physical part.


Working in totally immersive or real world environments, production staff can operate and simulate build sequences, leveraging XR to rehearse build processes and undertake training in readiness for the real thing.

Production Layout Experience

The Production Layout Experience, provides a rich experience designed to aid production engineers in the optimisation of production facilities.


Using an immersive VR experience or anchoring the data in the real world through AR and MR technologies, engineers can work at full scale to create, move and replace the components of production facilities, assessing the efficiency of workflow, human and ergonomic design.


Different layout strategies can be explored and saved for wider distribution and review by the extended team.

Visualization Experience

The Visualization Experience empowers engineers to interact with data in a 3D spatial context, visualizing their models at full scale.

In VR it enables you to see the data in a digital context, in AR and MR you see your data in your office, factory or studio, your real world, enabling you to make sure it fits or looks "right". This enables you to quickly make decisions on form, fit and aesthetics.


The Visualization Experience provides the essential tools to view, navigate, explode, section, and measure, in addition to interrogating materials and other information (including data pulled from external databases)

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