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Analyze MyWorkpiece /Toolpath

Error in freeform surfaces: PC-supported clarification - and avoidance of causes.

What's the problem?

When the surface quality of a free form workpiece fails to meet expectations, virtually all the stations between the CAD system and the tools used could be possible sources of error: the output of the CAD system itself, the output of the CAM system or postprocessor, the parameterisation of the CNC and the drive controller, the mechanics of the machine, the tools, the coolant — theoretically, even the workpiece material.

The “Analyze MyWorkpiece /Toolpath” PC tool enables a systematic search for the causes of quality defects in freeform surfaces, this guarantees quality assurance, even before the first machining trial.

Direct comparison in 3D

Analyze MyWorkpiece /Toolpath can display data sets from different origins side by side in 3D for comparison.


By directly comparing the output of the CAD and CAM systems or the IPO trace and the CAM data, the causes of error can be identified and isolated. Analyze MyWorkpiece /Toolpath assists with the qualitative data analysis by displaying various selected properties of the data series in color-coded form.


Colours represent aspects such as local density of the point cloud, the local curvature of the tool path or the length of the chord section of the tool path for each interpolator cycle (and thus the path velocity). As a result, the data causing the quality defects can be found sooner and indications of the causes can be identified.


Quality assurance from the first chip

With Analyze MyWorkpiece /Toolpath, all the critical points of the process chain can be visualised in a practical way. As a result, causes of quality defects in freeform surfaces that are otherwise difficult to detect are systematically resolved. This results in a considerable increase in expertise regarding the technological relationships and interactions in the process chain.

Analyze MyWorkpiece /Toolpath is implemented as PC-based software so that the machine tool can continue to be used during a search for causes. 


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Unique 3D toolpath analysis with Analyze MyWorkpiece /Toolpath

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