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Up to 65% off for qualifying SMB’s across UK and Ireland

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Optimize your automotive product design

Working with our partners:


How can you accelerate your workflow with next-generation automotive product design solutions?

  • Quickly produce high-quality CAD models using point cloud data and reverse engineering capabilities.

  • Rapidly clean and refine facetted data models.

  • Seamlessly generate lightweight designs that can be used and improved throughout development.

  • Develop parametric and facetted CAD models in a single, integrated environment to eliminate import, translating, and incompatibility issues.

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Rapidly develop innovative products with generative design solutions

Leverage the power of automated intelligent exploration to generate designs and dramatically shorten the process using state-of-the-art modeling technology to assess and modify.

Reduce time, cost, and errors by getting the design right the first time

Siemens Accelerated Product Development solution enables designers and engineers to get designs right the first time with a continuous virtual validation and verification system. By doing this, requirement issues can be identified, addressed, and eliminated early.

Streamline the design process with an open integrated environment

An open, integrated ecosystem removes barriers between disciplines and allows real-time synchronization of information and data. This ensures high-quality collaboration to reduce redesign and rework.

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The new Nissan Qasqai was designed using Siemens PLM products for the entire design process. (NX, Teamcenter)

"We have been able to take about 20 percent off of our data creation time, yet maintain quality, and this really gives us a business advantage.”


A highly successful PLM implementation reduced vehicle development time by nearly 50 percent, improved quality by 80 percent, and exceeded ROI targets.

“Siemens has demonstrated its performance on two levels: the software has performed very well and the people understand our processes and goals.

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