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Opcenter Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Optimizing production planning and scheduling with the Opcenter planning and scheduling (APS) software family of products ensures efficient production, minimises downtime and improves customer service. Opcenter APS products can be used for long-term strategic planning covering months and years, medium-term tactical planning with a few weeks planning horizon and for detailed sequencing and scheduling.

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Why Opcenter APS?

Siemens Opcenter Portfolio Apps Provide Closed-loop System Spanning Product Design and Production. Opcenter APS software can be used for long-term strategic planning (months and years), medium-term tactical planning (weeks), and for detailed sequencing and scheduling.



Detect bottlenecks, reduce setup time. Increase machines and tools utilization. Reduce work in progress.



Reduce waste. Easily identify shortages. Optimize material flow and production synchronization.


On-time delivery

Increase availability and efficiency. Reduce lead time. Improve adherence to projections.

Portfolio Overview


Opcenter Scheduling

Opcenter Scheduling software creates production schedules based on availability of resources, constraints and materials required by the order.


Opcenter Scheduling SMT

Opcenter Scheduling SMT supports decision-making for resource allocation, order prioritization, production batches, due date negotiation and order processing.


Opcenter Planning

Opcenter Planning software considers forecast and long-term orders, supports feasibility decision making, and affects the general direction of production.

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