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Up to 65% off for qualifying SMB’s across UK and Ireland

eBook: Accelerated Product Development

Design next-generation automotive products faster with and integrated and automated solution


Working with our partners:


Remove barriers to innovation with Accelerated Product Development

Accelerated Product Development is an open, integrated, and scalable software solution enabling OEMs, suppliers, and new manufacturers to revolutionize development processes through CAD, CAE, simulation, and PLM technologies that work seamlessly together and with third-party applications. It empowers automotive manufacturers with the tools needed to:

  • Meet targets and ensure compliance

  • Automatically generate the best design upfront

  • Virtually validate products and systems

  • Successfully deliver today’s complex cars


With so many automotive companies racing to develop the next generation of vehicles, innovation will be the critical differentiator that defines who gets ahead and who gets left behind.

Innovate and develop multiple products faster than the competition with continuous validation.

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