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E-Book - Engineering Strategies for Small and Medium Business

This eBook includes recommendations about how to formulate successful strategies to improve engineering and shift towards a profitable future.

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After two years of unprecedented disruption, small and midsized manufacturing organizations are looking toward the future, seeking improvement opportunities that will help them realize profitability and growth. Results from Lifecycle Insights’ 2022 Engineering Strategies for Small and Mid-Sized Companies Study demonstrate that smaller organizations face unique challenges as they consider future growth, and that they are hoping to address these challenges through digital improvements across their design and engineering departments.


Some of the major drivers behind digital transformation investments include:


Recovering lost profitability:

Eighty-six percent of respondents said that boosting profitability after several years of profound business disruption was a top-three goal.


Finding and retaining talent:

DX initiatives can support a more flexible, attractive work environment that, in turn, will help organizations address challenges in finding and retaining engineering talent—particularly in mechanical design areas.


Rising complexity:

State-of-the-art CAD solutions and modelbased definitions are helping engineering teams and other functional departments more effectively manage the rising complexity of smart, connected products.


Electronics and software:

The integration of MCAD-ECAD solutions can help organizations collaborate with suppliers to manage the influx of electronics and software into modern products. • Customization. More customers are asking for customized products, and engineers can leverage automated capabilities in CAD and PLM solutions to help create new configurations and accurately generate a BOM for those new variations. • Additive manufacturing.


As more organizations harness 3D printing technologies, modern CAD solutions are helping engineers realize the full potential of additive manufacturing technologies. It is clear that successful organizations must adopt new tools that can help them mitigate threats while capitalising on new opportunities...

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