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Create My Virtual Machine

Create MyVirtual Machine includes the well-proven SINUMERIK Operate commissioning and operating software, and supplements this to include a virtual machine control panel and simulation control. Unlike the real control system, not all known functions are implemented. The main applications of Create MyVirtual Machine are the testing and verification of the following projects:

● PLC projects based on S7-1500

● Migrated PLC projects for SINUMERIK 840D sl

● Projects with drive-based Safety Integrated

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  • Up to 30% faster engineering time by using the virtual test rack

  • Mechatronic engineering (parallel dev. of mechanic, electric and software)

  • Essential time reduction by highest test accuracy based on original codes

  • Risk minimization for hardware crash during commissioning because of 100% software simulation

  • Resell your virtual machine from engineering as a job preparation for your customer (machine user)

  • Cost saving in machine commissioning at the customer site

  • Pre-acceptance of the machine by the customer based on digital twin

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Digital Twin for machine tools

Digital twins are invaluable when it comes to optimizing processes in the product lifecycle of the machine tools and implementing business models.

 Frontend framework:

  • Manage different machine configurations

  • Manage different SINUMERIK CNC-SW versions

  • Exchange machine projects (.vcp)

  • Support of SINUMERIK integrated 3D simulation

  • Display of the component status and trace capability

  • Adaptation of the simulation speed and pause mode

  • Virtual machine control panel

  • Operational Emergency Stop on MCP

Peripheral simulation:

  • read and write peripheral inputs/outputs

PLC simulation based on S7 PLCSIM Advanced including:

  • F-capability and communication mechanisms

  • NCK simulation simNCK

  • NCK access to PLC I/O

HMI user interface:

  • Simultaneous recording in automatic mode

  •  Safe brake test 

  •  Safety diagnostic functions

  • HMI PRO support

  • Display of PLC alarms


  • Up to 31 axes/spindles

  • Up to 10 channels

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