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NX & MCD – Virtual Commissioning
3 days I MCD & NX

Course Overview:
Kaizen PLM provide training which enables the customer to utilise the various features and modules in NX & Mechatronics Concept Designer, further empowering efficiency and innovation. To reduce risks and effort during the real commissioning, the virtual commissioning of a machine offers an efficient alternative. With the help of NX MCD, SIMIT and PLCSIM Advanced you can virtually commission your machine.

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Course Delivery:

NX & MCD - Virtual Comissioning

Our training modules are developed to progressively train the customer with each step being built on the previous, setting a solid foundation to build more demanding skills on. The course will be a combination of presentations, discussions and hands-on activities followed by questions in relation to the trainees’ requirements.

3 days I MCD & NX

NX CAD Essentials – Day 1
• NX User Interface
• Create a basic part
• Organise and display part models
• Create cylindrical parts using sketches
• Add finishing details
• Simple changes and part interrogation
• Basic part edits using Synchronous technology
• Analyse existing assemblies
• Bottom-up assembly basics

NX MCD Modelling and Basic VC (SiL) – Day 2
• Introduction & Virtual commissioning: Tool overview.
• Physics engine and rigid bodies
• Collision bodies
• Transport surfaces
• Sensors
• Material flow
• CAD import
• Modelling of pneumatic cylinder in MCD
• Adding cylinder to pushing plate assembly
• Modelling of pushing plate
• TIA Portal: Create project
• NX MCD: Signal Adapter
• PLCSIM Adv: Create instance
• NX MCD: External connection
• SiL: Virtual Commissioning
• DIY: Modelling and VC of the blocking plate (optional)

Advanced virtual commissioning (SIL) & Cam validation with MCD - Day 3
• First steps
• Drive behaviour modelling
• PLCSIM Advanced coupling
• MCD coupling
• Mapping
• TIA Portal: Adding hardware and telegrams
• SiL: Virtual commissioning with drive
• MCD: Create Joints and Controls
• MCD: Create a sequence
• MCD: Record cam
• MCD: Configurate cam profile
• TIA Portal: Configurate cam profile in TIA
• MCD: Connect PLC Cam to the MCD model

Note – There is an option for custom training for your specific requirements. Please outline what you require to be covered and we will provide a custom training proposal to meet your needs.

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