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Zel X for Machine Shops

Speed your contract and part manufacturing processes, from request for quotation (RFQ) to part delivery, with Zel X machine shop management software.

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Speed your contract and part manufacturing processes, from RFQ to part delivery

Affordable, browser-based software makes it easier to handle quotes, manage jobs, make parts and share information. With easy-to-use features in an app, accessible from any device, your team can get started quickly, and you can win more business. Zel X can be used as a complete solution or integrated with existing computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) tools.

Easily deploy and access, anywhere

Access our browser-based solution instantly from any device and collaborate from anywhere. Enhancements are automatically rolled into the product without expensive, time-consuming upgrades

Access advanced tools, at low cost

Don't pay more for overly complex, overloaded tools. Get easy-to-use functionality that's right for your business, without the costs of hardware and IT overhead.

Scale with integrated tools

Replace the many tools you would otherwise buy separately with a single solution: Zel X — this means less administration and more seamless integration.

Access library-based CAD and CAM on demand

Leverage 3D CAD modeling for accurate quoting and fixture design. Spend less time programming and more time machining with model-based CAM. Use imported data from your customer or existing CAD system..


Facilitate modern shop management

Organize and track jobs from requests for quote (RFQ) to part delivery. Plan and instruct shop operations, from tooling preparation to inspection. Share the status of jobs in progress directly with customers. Enjoy the convenience of effortless numerical control (NC) code editing with an intuitive interface and color-coded syntax.

Protect your data, wherever your work takes you

With 500 GB of included storage plus an additional 5 GB per license, pooled across your team, you can share even the largest files from anywhere. Browser-based access from any device helps you get your job done from the office, from home, or at the customer site.


Use your existing front office hardware – including Windows PCs, Chromebooks, MacBooks, iPads, Androids, iPhones and tablets. Software updates are delivered in real time, without the need for IT support. For shop floor machining centers without an internet connection, G-code can be exported to a USB drive.

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Zel X trial

Try it for yourself with a free trial of Zel X. Experience browser-based access to professional toolsets for machine shops, right-sized for your business. Get in touch to get started or learn more.

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