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The Business Value of Siemens Teamcenter

5 Keys to success with Siemens Teamcenter

1. Balance the needs of business and engineering

  • Innovation

  • Profitability

  • Quality

  • Sustainability

  • Time-to-market

2. Engineering solutions for technical people

  • ​Bill-of-materials

  • Configuration

  • Electronics

  • Materials

  • Mechanical

  • Simulation

  • Software

  • Systems

  • Visualization

“Teamcenter helped our cross-functional teams connect better and work in complete alignment with each other. It provided management with deeper visibility into processes, which helped us track and streamline our new product development processes.”

Gurpreet Singh

Head of Information Technology Amber Enterprises

3. Business solutions for everyone else

  • Analytics

  • Compliance

  • Costing

  • Change

  • Documents

  • Procurement

  • Programs

  • Reporting

  • Requirements

  • Schedule

“Using the Teamcenter tool costing solution, our sales team can now successfully lead negotiations, enforce prices, keep accurate records and act as a competent partner.”

Thomas Dörfler Tooling

Department Leader

Wirthwein GmbH & Co. KG

4. Work together with a common goal of business success

  • Engineering

  • Manufacturing

  • Purchasing

  • Sales

  • Service

  • Suppliers

5. Adapt to change as your business grows

  • Cloud-ready

  • Configurable

  • Easy-to-use

  • Extensible

  • Scalable

  • Secure

“We achieved an enterprisewide product design and process design collaboration capability with Teamcenter, thus enhancing information sharing between design and process departments and bringing computerization collaboration work to a higher level.”

Zhang Feiqing

Manager of Computerization Department ZOOMLION

“Teamcenter gave us a secure and integrated platform through which we can seamlessly coordinate among our various departments”

Harsha Chandrashekar Engineering Manager Karnataka Engineering

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