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PLM for machine builders

Today’s industrial machinery market faces increased product complexity, global cost pressures, and low-margin projects. Part of these challenges stem from machine builders and their supporting departments working in isolation, using different processes, tools, and terminology.

To harness this complexity into a key competitive advantage, machine builders need cloud software that supports project management; machine configuration tools; and finally, blended ETO/CTO functionality. Armed with an instant-on, advanced machine engineering platform, machine builders can use built-in best practices to standardize product lifecycle management processes and deliver orders to the market faster than ever.

Improve processes with project management tools

Project management tools help machine builders monitor, trace, and deliver on product lifecycle management milestones. This is accomplished through real-time dashboards covering customer requirements, budgets and timelines. When organizations fail to adopt project management practices, they risk losing orders to low-cost global players and injuring staff morale. A cloud-based integrated approach to machine design that syncs with engineering software can make all the difference in maintaining a competitive position in the market and maintaining staff.


Satisfy customer requirements with machine configuration and reuse

Through a collaborative, Software as a Service (SaaS) PLM solution, the design, engineering, simulation, shop, and quality control departments can use machine configuration tools to instantly and securely synchronize the creation and duplication of all Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Bill of Material (BOM) documents, saving time and resources. Furthermore, housing all documents in a single cloud software enables machine builders to readily find the right design and regulatory information at any time; share customer requirements across teams to orchestrate changes; and keep the global design chain updated against built-in best practices for end-to-end product lifecycle management.


PLM for Machine Builders

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