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Additive Manufacturing Innovations Summit

Thank you to everyone that attended on the 17th May. We had a great time and hope you did too!

This event explored the future of additive manufacturing, covering innovative design techniques, simulation-driven approaches, and end-to-end solutions. Attendees gained insights from industry experts, presentations, a panel discussion, and a site tour of Siemens Energy's Additive Manufacturing Facility.

What were the best bits?

  • Exploring additive manufacturing's role in transforming the manufacturing landscape, showcasing advancements in technology and the benefits of adopting this approach.

  • Discovering innovative design techniques and simulation-driven approaches in additive manufacturing, demonstrating how these strategies unlock the full potential of the technology for diverse industries.

  • Discussing the challenges and opportunities in additive manufacturing, sharing their experiences and strategies for overcoming barriers and maximizing the technology's benefits.

To learn more about Additive Manufacturing please visit

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