We offer both standard and customer specific training for all our products.

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Typical training courses include:

NX CAD - Freeform Modelling

This course covers:

  • Introduction to freeform modelling

  • Editing Splines

  • Curve analysis

  • Primary sheets and bodies

  • Transitions

  • Face analysis

  • Working with sheets

  • Law functions

NX - Additive Manufacturing

This course covers:

  • AM tradeoffs and strategy

  • Modelling techniques for AM

  • Designing with Lattice

  • Designing with scanned geometry

  • Generative design and topology optimisation

  • Fixed plane and MJF build prep overview

  • Additive design checks

  • Modelling with Realize shape

Solid edge fundamentals

This course covers:

  • Sketching

  • Constructing base features

  • Moving model faces

  • Working with face features

  • Constructing treatment features

  • Constructing functional features

  • Synchronous and ordered features

  • Modelling assemblies

  • Creating detailed drawings


This course covers:

  • Motion bodies and joints

  • Specialised constraints

  • Submechanisms

  • Motion Drivers

  • Working with Results and Assemblies

  • Springs, dampers, forces and shocks

  • 3D Analytical contact, joint friction, bushings

  • Load transfer, tire analysis and co-simulation

Virtual Commissioning - MCD

This course covers:

  • Introduction to physics engine and rigid bodies, collision bodies

  • Transport surfaces and sensors

  • Creating joints and controls

  • Creating sequences and CAM profilesMaterial flow

  • Creating projects in TIA portal

  • signal mapping to NX MCD

  • Coupling to PLCSIM advanced

  • simit unit coupling for HIL


This course covers:

  • Managing NC program data

  • Create manufacturing setup

  • Examine a manufacturing part

  • Cavity Milling

  • Visualise tool paths

  • Planar milling and hole making

  • Fixed axis contouring

  • Machining Options

  • Feature based machining and efficiency options

  • Complex machining

  • Manufacturing customisation

NX CAD - Basic Design

This starter course covers:

  • Opening and working with parts

  • NX interface

  • Creating sketches, sweeps, datums, holes, blends

  • working with large assemblies

  • Creating simple drawings

  • Ribbon bar, roles, CYS, solid and basic surface modelling

NX CAD - Experienced users

This course covers:

  • Advanced solid modelling

  • Creating and editing geometric relationships with formulas

  • Modifying faces on bodies

  • Advanced assembly modelling

  • Building geometric relationships with and without equations

  • Revising and replacing parts in an assembly

  • Custom Roles

  • Basic Freeform

  • Reuse Library

Build Process Simulation

This course covers:


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