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eBook: Boost collaboration with an integrated SaaS PLM solution



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Get control of your product data to protect your business. Choose Siemens’ out-of-the-box PLM solution that allows you to quickly adapt to volatility and scale.

Increasing connection and collaboration, is at the core of digitalization, yet many tools and processes have not kept pace with the rising demand for collaboration meaning many teams, suppliers, and customers continue to work in isolated silos. Without the tools to help connect core teams, companies struggle to communicate across the supply chain consistently. This eBook addresses how PLM for Component Manufacturers addresses these challenges with a SaaS solution.

Siemens’ PLM for Component Manufacturers enables you to:

  • Standardize and automate processes for faster turnaround

  • Streamline the reuse of previous configurations and bills of material (BOMs) to manage multiple orders at the same time

  • Align manufacturing and engineering teams to increase product quality

  • Boost real-time global user communication with cloud-based technology

  • Improve data tracking for improved regulatory compliance

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