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NX Multi-axis Deposition AM
2 days I NX CAD

Course Overview:
Develop skills within NX CAM to prepare programs to manufacture components with multi-axis deposition additive manufacturing machines.

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Course Delivery:

NX Multi-axis Deposition AM

Our training modules are developed to progressively train the customer with each step being built on the previous, setting a solid foundation to build more demanding skills on. The course will be a combination of presentations, discussions and hands-on activities followed by questions in relation to the trainees’ requirements.

2 days I NX CAD

Day 1:
1. Part and blank geometry
• Specify the shape of the part and blank
• Define the blank geometry and restrict the cut region
• Define cut region containment within an operation
• Define blank geometry as tube stock
2. Create and retrieve tools
• Retrieve tools from the library
• Create new turning cutting tools
• Create a multi turret setup
3. Face Operations and Verification
• Create a Facing operation
• Compare the IPW to the finished part
• Observe material removal
4. Common Options under Multi-axis Deposition
• Apply grind stock
• Remove rough stock and control tool
• Edit engage and retract moves
Day 2:
5. Centreline operations
• Spot drill along a centreline
• Drill along the centreline in turning
• Drill along a centreline
6. Rough operations – Outer Diameter
• Rough machine the OD
• Remove stock using an additional profile
• Rough the OD using a ramping zig cut
7. Rough operations – Inner Diameter
• Rough the inner diameter (ID)
• Rough the ID using reversals
• Finish the outer diameter (OD)
• Create rounds and corner breaks
• Cut fillets using different strategies
• Flip the tool holder

Note – There is an option for custom training for your specific requirements. Please outline what you require to be covered and we will provide a custom training proposal to meet your needs.

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