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Additive Build Preparation

Quality output requires a proper build tray setup and that requires the proper tools.

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Easily, add, copy, orient, and support parts in the build tray with an integrated toolset.

Proper up-front preparation is key to getting the most from the additive manufacturing process.  Siemens NX has integrated tools for assisting with proper build preparation for additive manufacturing production. Furthermore, with the production system integrated into the CAD/CAM environment, any changes to part design can be easily rippled-down to the manufacturing setup without file conversions or costly build setup redesigns.

Build Tray Part Placement / Nesting

Whether an operator requires minute manual control over part position or automated efficient nesting within the build volume, NX provides integrated tools for efficiently populating the build tray. Whether placing parts manually or automatically via integrated 3D nesting, NX gives the operator complete control so they can achieve their efficiency and quality goals.


Support Structures

For many additive manufacturing technologies, quality builds depend on quality support structures.  Not only does NX provide solutions for automatic generation of support structures, but operators also have access to the full NX CAD solution for design of custom supports.  For the additive manufacturing novice or power user, this tight integration is a massive advantage when printing complex parts where final article quality is paramount.


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So if you want to learn how additive manufacturing  enables your engineering team to reduce the time to market and lower production costs, why not book a discovery call with us and our partners at Siemens Digital Industries Software.   

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