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Food and Beverage

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Digitalization for the food and beverage industry

The food and beverage industry is changing under the pressure of consolidations, a growing world population, increasing food safety regulations and new business models driven by the “millennial” consumer. Siemens Digital Enterprise solutions provide closed-loop feedback for the entire value chain, from ideation to manufacturing and retail.


Featured Solutions

Integrated Program & Lifecycle Management (IP&LM) for Consumer Products

Providing a complete story of a product’s lifecycle, while merging conventional capabilities using product and production lifecycle management information from a single source. Integrated Program & Lifecycle Management enables companies to gain full process transparency, share detailed data to stakeholders for reliable decision making and facilitate the reuse of the intellectual property. This combination enables intuitive participation, easily controlled and monitored for the next step in managing your product portfolio and business processes, watch this short video.

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Artwork Development

Artwork is the main communication of brand equity and the critical information needed to inspire purchase. It must be right, compliant and communicate the claims and benefits of the product.  Artwork build on the foundation of a PLM will increase agility and quality, reduce the risk of recall, and improve the designer’s ability to focus on creative aspects that drive purchase and loyalty.


Formulated Product Design for Food & Beverage

Customers demand innovative products that are healthy, environmentally friendly, and low-priced. This puts tremendous pressure on food product design. Reducing time-to-market and improving flexibility and efficiency requires sophisticated formula design, simulation, and management capabilities, including management of detailed material characteristics, efficient candidate selection mechanisms, and parameterization of quality testing. Combined with a full integration of R&D and manufacturing, the Siemens food and beverage management software will streamline and optimize R&D related processes, for an unrivalled competitive advantage. 


Laboratory Management

Consumer interest in the quality of products has increased drastically, including how a product might affect consumer health, the demand for high quality ingredients, the quality production processes and sustainability. Government and non-government organizations are responding with new regulations. The digitalisation of laboratory processes will ensure the verification and quality of product and production and will provide companies the ability to accelerate new product introduction in a way that wins the hearts of the new discerning millennial consumer.


Integrated Manufacturing Operations

In order to respond to fast-changing consumer needs, consumer packaged goods companies need to be more and more adaptive and act in a more agile way to sustain market share. Integrated Manufacturing Operations is one of the key levers to overcome this challenge.

Product portfolios are becoming more and more complex, containing many product variations mainly driven by micro-segmentation to gain market share.

This adds complexity to the manufacturing process, leading to a situation where information on how to execute manufacturing operations becomes more critical and error-prone.

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Featured customer success

Gruppo Campari


Brand spirits leader digitizes its business operations with the Opcenter suite

Using Siemens technology, Gruppo Campari has created a unified repository for all product specifications and increased the efficiency of product development and manufacturing processes

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