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Solid Edge Advanced
2 days I Solid Edge

Course Overview: Kaizen PLM provide training which enables the customer to utilise the various features and modules in Solid Edge, further empowering efficiency and innovation. Solid Edge Advanced training focuses on best practice and modelling techniques to go from an intermediate level up to an advanced level covering advanced workflows to make the user even more efficient.

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Course Delivery:

Solid Edge Advanced

Our training modules are developed to progressively train the customer with each step being built on the previous, setting a solid foundation to build more demanding skills on. The course will be a combination of presentations, discussions and hands-on activities followed by questions in relation to the trainees’ requirements.

2 days I Solid Edge

• Multi Body Parts
• Family of Parts
• Advanced ref planes
• Adjustable Parts
• Hole / Pattern recognition
• Using surfaces to help construction
• Dimensional formula and properties
• Advanced assembly relationships
• Non-graphic parts
• Sensors
• Large assembly management
• Advanced parts lists
• Alternate positions views
• Property text / population
• Broken out sections
• Depth views
• Reference parts
• Dimension alignment
• Centre of mass display
• Simplified assemblies
• Frames
• Weldments

Note – There is an option for custom training for your specific requirements. Please outline what you require to be covered and we will provide a custom training proposal to meet your needs.

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