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Analyze MyWorkpiece /Capture4Analysis

Record high quality process data from your CNC controller and provide it to external IT systems


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Additional value added with Analyze MyWorkpiece /Capture thanks to the open Industrial Edge for Machine Tools eco-system

  • Capture data of the production process for more transparency

  • Analyse data to track down the specific sources for errors and quality problems

  • Use your own data analytics or rely on Siemens’ machine tool specific products


Use the data of your machine for data capturing and advanced data analytics

  • Enables the storage and transmission of high-frequency data

  • No interference: no additional load on the NCU despite access to all available data

  • Use of data for offline analysis and (in the future) as input for further applications on an Industrial Edge for Machine Tools

Continuously improving processing with Digital Twin of Performance: Analyse MyWorkpiece

  • Higher production throughput and quality of products through continuous observation and analysis of real production data

  • Improve quality based on analysing internal machine variables

  • Recognise and analyse deviations in processes

  • High quality data to optimise process productivity

  • Import data from machine tools into own IT infrastructure


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Get data for your analytics using Analyze MyWorkpiece /Capture4Analysis

This tutorial shows how to install and configure Analyze MyWorkpiece /Capture4Analysis so that you can create valid recording jobs to record data being generated by the SINUMERIK while your NC program is running. The recorded data sets are then sent to an external directory using MQTT. Now, they can be processed further with your analytics software.

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