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Polygon, Convergent & Reverse Modeling

Convergent Modeling

Combine facets, surface and solids in one model without converting data by using the first technology of its kind, Convergent Modeling. It allows facet data to now be an equal part of the design process. Convergent Modeling Technology enables 3D product modeling on both data sources in a single environment, while eliminating the complexity, error and delay of converting between the two.

Polygon Modeling

Gone are the days of simplistic modeling in the world of CAD. When you combine the ever-increasing demands of the customer with the computational processing power of designers across the globe, you get the complex models we are seeing across multiple industries. Sure, products look incredible when they hit the market, but creating these models includes minute and repetitive features for functional and aesthetic purposes; usually these features are difficult to model individually using traditional CAD tools.


Reverse engineering

Reverse engineering is the process of analyzing and deconstructing a thing to learn what it is made of and how it is constructed. Reverse engineering commonly is used to answer questions about software code or manufactured products, but it can be applied in various scenarios. 


Bring scanned data in as facets—no need to map surfaces, create solids or do any manual shape creation. Build supports for 3D printing, creating molds based on the shape, and perform other operations with CAD data. Easily reverse engineer a product design from a 3D scan.


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