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Analyze MyWorkpiece /Monitor

Reduce quality costs by detecting scrap right at the machine tool.

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Use the data of your machine to improve test and rework

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  • reduce rework and scrap

  • replace manual by automated test

  • increase the test rate to 100%

Continuous quality control 

Early detection of quality issues in the production through continuous production monitoring


Key Benefits

  • Reduce quality costs: use process data directly from the machine tool

  • Full documentation and traceability of the production process

  • Eliminates manual effort

  • High quality feedback of all machining processes

  • Save time to establish monitoring process

  • Increases the test rate to 100%

  • REST endpoint based monitoring result access

  • Externally store your monitoring results

  • Multi-channel support for complex machines

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Find anomalies with Analyze MyWorkpiece /Monitor

This tutorial shows how to install and configure the Edge apps Analyze MyWorkpiece /Capture and Analyze MyWorkpiece /Monitor. You will learn how to create suitable data recordings with Analyze MyWorkpiece /Capture, how to import those recordings into Analyze MyWorkpiece /Monitor and finally how to train and use the monitoring model for Analyze MyWorkpiece /Monitor on your Industrial Edge for Machine Tools with a step-by-step workflow.

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