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Consumer products companies must transform to handle dramatic shifts in the market. Globalisation, increased regulatory demands, mobile commerce and changes in consumer behaviour are driving consumer products companies to redefine speed-to-market and the required agility of supply chains. Companies can no longer manage complexity without a digital business imperative. Our best practices and software solutions advance the digitalization of consumer products across the enterprise value chain.

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Unique and customised consumer products

Consumers want unique new designs immediately delivered to their door. Companies in the consumer product and retail industry must be able to have the flexibility to deliver customized products for an individual at the cost of scale while delivering billions of units to the mass market.

Companies that have invested in digitalisation solutions are using CAD, AI, machine learning, and blockchain to deliver new intimate consumer experiences. The possibilities for new business models are endless with digitalization in footwear, apparel and accessories.

Experiences instead of just products

Discerning sporting goods consumers want personalised products and highly specialised designs. The toy market demands new products every day. Consumers increasingly expect products with connectivity (IoT) and analytics, and look for experiences instead of just products.


In response, consumer products and retail manufacturers are being forced to adopt new methods and materials across the value chain, from design through manufacturing.


Communicating customer needs throughout the product lifecycle

A successful consumer product arises from a careful analysis of market trends and customer demands. Designers must consider factors such as market regulations, costs, the results of similar products, and the requirements for an efficient and cost-effective production process. It can become quite challenging to manage all of these requirements.

Organisations must have an effective requirements management solutions to integrate consumer needs throughout the product lifecycle. As a result, consumer products and retail companies are able to better communicate product data, trends and changes to other teams and wider stakeholders.


Need for agility & resilience in consumer products & retail

The consumer product and retail industry has never been more competitive, making the need for agility and resilience at the enterprise level essential. That’s hard to achieve when information your company relies on is stored in many uncontrolled locations, and often in incompatible formats.

Whether you produce home or office goods, or make sporting goods and toys products, a lifecycle approach to managing technical information will improve the way your people work. Our Siemens software offer industry-leading solutions that will improve processes, drive productivity and enhance innovation.

Package Design for Consumer Goods

Today’s designers of consumer goods packaging face new challenges such as ensuring transparency into environmental compliance, keeping up with faster product cycles, and countering new levels of mechanical stress caused by online commerce and direct shipments to consumers. We offer a fully integrated suite of tools that enables rapid package development, from initial concept to detail package, including full associativity between product and production equipment as well as advanced design and simulation capabilities.

Today’s best practice requires a combination of technologies encompassed in a single platform that delivers modern design capabilities (for achieving an aesthetic look), feature libraries (for speeding up the design process), and simulation capabilities (for understanding and managing the forces and applied stresses on the package). There must also be a collaboration platform that enables product designers to share information and data with package designers.


The Siemens solution supports this best practice. It is a fully integrated, single suite of tools that enables rapid development of primary, secondary and tertiary packaging, from initial concept to detail package, including full associativity between product and production equipment.

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