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Conveyor technology
Innovative solutions for your highest demands

We offer a wide portfolio of our conveyor technology solutions. From drive and automation technology through power distribution and safety technology we are ready to serve highest requirements. Our course is to provide the best technical guidance and support in all industrial sectors using the best combination of software to meet your needs.

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Industry-wide applications

Individually customized to satisfy customer requirements, economical material flow, very precise positioning and intelligent solutions in small spaces. Solutions forall industrial sectors, e.g. intralogistics, automotive, food and beverage or airport, conveyor technology solutions are required for standard applications through highly complex applications.


Experience our conveyor technology from its most innovative side.


Digital Enterprise Suite for Conveyor Technology

No matter if you are machine builder or machine user. We always help you from the very start. Need a machine concept or help with services? We are ready to support you in every step. For conveyor technology we use our smart products to build up the best complete solutions. Here you can find all you need from controllers, geared motors, automation technology and other parts of our systems.

Plant operator view (Machine user):

  • We present the complete portfolio for highly efficient systems. From geared motors through motor starters and converters, identification systems up to automatization technology.

  • Our commissioning is quick and enable quick system start-up. Systems can be easily expanded and serviced. Preventive maintenance is ensured by extensive diagnostics.

  • We supply high energy-saving systems thanks to our energy efficient motors, motor starters and frequency converters.


Machine and plant constructor view (Machine builder):

  • We offer a wide portfolio with standard products and customized systems and services.

  • Our tools will help you with all aspects, from configuration, dimensioning, parameterization, programming to commisioning.

  • We provide unique systems with high security features and best-in-class technologies which enable to reduce the installation and commissioning work, is increasing flexibility and availability of the system.



Factory and line design

Quickly design, visualize, simulate and optimize complete production layouts with less risk and at lower cost, and easily associate them to manufacturing plans using a single system.


Design better factories and lines faster


Enable accurate impact analysis and efficient change management for factory layouts, line layouts and equipment designs directly linked to manufacturing process plans.

Create required fixtures, tools and equipment using a classified library of parametric resources integrated with manufacturing planning and factory design to achieve a better production layout faster.

Validate and optimize factory line designs

Use simulation software directly within the line planning environment to fully validate and optimize your factory designs and production layouts.

Simulate operations including robots, tools, material handling equipment and people at the detailed station level, line level or factory level to optimize automation and equipment locations, ergonomic requirements, material delivery strategies and production rates.

Commission factory production lines virtually

Use hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) and software-in-the-loop (SiL) simulation technology to virtually commission assembly lines and equipment during installation and prior to the start of production.

Test control logic and the interfaces between mechanical and electrical engineering using the real control system and digital twin to validate the operation of material handling systems and production layouts virtually

Navigate factories anywhere at anytime

Access cloud-based digital twins of your production facilities presented in their geographical context. Navigate the facility in a simple and familiar way with intuitive access to information from any IT system.

Facilitate a virtual tour of your factories using rich visualization tools and techniques with the ability to get relevant information and alternate viewpoints by simply clicking on visual tags

Explore conveyor, factory and line design products


Tecnomatix Process Simulate

Plan, simulate and validate human tasks, robotics processes and automation during the entire product development lifecycle from concept, engineering and commissioning to production and continuous improvement.


Tecnomatix Plant Simulation

Model, simulate, visualize and analyze production systems and logistics processes to optimize material flow and resource utilization for all levels of your plant planning, from global facilities and local plants to specific production lines.


NX Line Designer

Design assembly lines, equipment and tool requirements in a 3D environment. Optimize factory space and maximize capital resource utilization by digitally configuring factory layouts.

MINO saves time with Tecnomatix virtual commissioning solutions

Company:Guangzhou MINO Auto Equipment Co., Ltd.

MINO exchanges data and collaborates with automakers throughout the planning, simulation and commissioning stages to reduce project cycles by as much as 30 percent.

Industry: Automotive & transportation

Siemens Software:Tecnomatix

NX MCD Conveyor Simulation

Take a multidisciplinary approach to machine design that breaks down barriers between electrical, mechanical and automation engineers with NX Mechatronics Concept Designer. We continue to revolutionize the machine design process by helping you design faster with higher quality. 

Learn more about Siemens Conveyor Manufacturing Solutions.

Get in touch learn how Kaizen PLM can help improve your manufacturing process and reduce costs. With discount bundles for SMB's and start-ups you'll be sure to find the right solution for you.

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