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PLM Solutions for the Medical & Pharmaceutical Industry

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Digitalisation for the medical devices and pharmaceuticals industry

We offer solutions for leading medical device and pharmaceutical companies that recognize the need for a product lifecycle management (PLM) platform to answer product development challenges. Our proven, flexible solutions help speed up innovation in pharmaceutical and medical device development, ensure quality, reduce costs and maintain adherence to ever-changing global regulations, including FDA compliance.​


Benefits of PLM for Medical Devices

When mechanical, electronic and software engineers work together, global data stay synchronized and device design information is more easily shared with manufacturing. Automating, standardizing and optimizing processes leads directly to cost savings and speedier development.

PLM for Medical Devices enables re-use of development data and evidence to better control complexity and maintain reliability. And that helps increase your competitive advantage.


Some of the benefits include:

  • Designs delivered faster, with higher quality, while ensuring regional regulatory compliance

  • More accurate and flexible engineering

  • Improved product quality and data integrity

  • Reduced legal and clinical risks

  • Ability to act quickly by moving away from paper-based change processes

  • Capability to easily share design information across teams

  • SaaS delivery for anytime, anywhere access

Featured Solutions

Design Excellence Solution


Inventing or improving medical device design is challenging because it is a multi-disciplinary, time-consuming process that needs precise coordination to ensure robust prototypes and timely project phase launches. You must be able to access essential performance information to make the best decisions, balancing the users' needs and the critical specifications of your mockups and finally, all your design documents must be collected to accelerate compliance milestones.

Empower your design teams with the capabilities to create efficient, high-performing, fully compliant products design through an integrated digital system backbone.

Operational Excellence Solution


You have new demands to reconfigure production and supply chains while launching new medical products for business growth. You can achieve it when you are empowered to efficiently optimize your manufacturing network by:

  • Modeling wide-ranging scenarios assure that your facility will be ready to respond rapidly to changes.

  • Automatic planning and scheduling, optimizing the efficiency of agile, flexible production plans.

  • Automatically enforcing processes and tracking your production data ensuring quality and compliance.

It’s time to enhance the readiness, efficiency, and quality of your facilities.

Intelligent Design Control


Complexity in the development of medical devices, especially for smart medical devices that include software and electronics, demands software solutions to establish design controls that orchestrate the design process across inter-disciplinary engineering teams.

Intelligent Design Control is our solution for medical device companies to become data-driven, model-based, and document smart. Intelligent Design Control increases engineering efficiency and speed across the device lifecycle while avoiding costly errors, quality issues, and recalls.

Enable your medical device company to become data-driven and document smart by powering your design process across mechanical, electrical, and software engineering teams with increased speed and clarity to produce safe high-quality device designs. Furthermore, our smart solution supports devices throughout the entire lifecycle by re-using data and connecting it via digital threads to quickly respond to inquiries during regulatory reviews or sustaining incremental engineering changes.

Achieve faster and more efficient medical device design with Solid Edge

Medical device manufacturers need to accelerate the development of innovative, high-quality products that are straightforward for medical professionals and patients to use safely and that fully comply with all relevant government regulations.

Solid Edge provides powerful and easy-to-use solutions for medical device design that help meet these needs. Using Solid Edge, regardless of your size as a medical device manufacturer, you can improve your design and development processes and deliver high-quality products on time, enabling you to increase your cash flow and profit margins.

With 3D CAD, electrical design, simulation, manufacturing and data management capabilities, Solid Edge provides an integrated portfolio of affordable and easy-to-use solutions that help medical device manufacturing companies design better.

Medical device design and development - NX CAD

NX makes working with scanned data much faster and easier because it can be used and modified for various downstream processes—such as 3D printing and virtual clinical trials—without extensive rework. 

  • Fast and easy updates and refinements

  • Create CAD models that conform to anatomical structures. 

  • Leverage Convergent Modeling

  • NX with Convergent Modeling makes working with scanned data much faster and easier

  • Scan an anatomical structure and build a model of a medical device based on it in much less time


Software Solutions for Medical


Solid Edge

Solid Edge provides powerful and easy-to-use solutions for medical device design that help meet these needs.


Additive Manufacturing

Our additive team are skilled in the latest additive design, simulation and manufacturing software products for the medical industry.

download (1).jpeg

Simcenter Amesim for Medical Devices

Simulate multibody dynamics to engineer performance for moving mechanisms.


Siemens Star CCM+

Simcenter STAR-CCM+ is a complete multiphysics solution for the simulation of products. 


NX for Medical

NX delivers the next generation of design that enables you to deliver innovative products smarter and faster.


Opcenter Medical Device Suite

Opcenter Execution Medical Device and Diagnostics provides MES functionality, including electronic device history records (eDHR), for medical manufacturing.

Kaizen PLM presents Additive Manufacturing for Medical Implants and Prosthetics

Additive Manufacturing has obvious benefits for both mass customization and enhanced part performance. The O&P and Medical device sector are both recognized as early adopters of scaled AM production. Kaizen PLM help our customers to design, simulate and manufacture the most advanced designs possible. We can also support the entire digital workflow from design to build prep and data management to post processing and inspection resulting in an end to end digital thread.

Wright Medical Technology - Driving competitive advantage through PLM

NX and Teamcenter help Wright achieve innovation, speed and compliance goals


Alpha Omega - Improving patient lives through advanced brain surgery technology

Solid Edge helps team produce Alpha Omega’s next-generation microelectrode recording (MER) system used in neurosurgery


Cardiovascular & Neurological

Realising the Future of Design, Development and Manufacturing in Cardiology and Neurology


Instruments & Equipment

Delivering the future of medical advancements and technology


Orthopedics & Dental

Innovate with speed and confidence using proven industry-leading solutions



The future of pharmaceutical products and medical devices.

Get in touch to learn more about our Siemens PLM solutions for Medical and Pharmaceutical.
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