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Digitalisation for Space Systems

The space systems industry is always looking for ways to build lighter-weight, higher-performance, reusable, and more reliable vehicles as a means of reducing the cost of delivering payloads into orbit. Space exploration has also become an exciting frontier for billionaire investors and other new players looking for ways to reduce the cost of putting payloads into orbit. This requires a strong collaborative digital environment that combines structural, mechanical, systems engineering, environmental testing and program management. 

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Digital Transformation in Aerospace and Defense

Aerospace companies are tasked with designing and creating products for conditions that may not exist inside a lab or even on the planet. They must use real innovation, which requires digitalisation, to remain competitive amid increasingly complicated demands, tighter deadlines and higher stakes.

Model Based Systems Engineering for Aerospace & Defense

Model-based systems engineering, MBSE, brings a new level of integration and efficiency to complex systems and processes across the many multi-domain challenges aerospace manufacturers face today. MBSE orchestrates the entire technical program by finding the optimal solution through multi-disciplinary optimization. Fly your designs before you build them!

Additive Design & Manufacturing 

AM is rapidly revolutionising the space sector, and is transforming how products are designed, manufactured, and supplied. It enables companies to reshape everything for optimal performance at reduced cost, in comparison to traditional manufacturing methods that require multiple steps, tools, and treatments to achieve the desired outcome. Our integrated software applications for additive manufacturing help you reimagine products, retool manufacturing, and rethink business models.


Reporting and Analytics

Customised dashboards provide space companies with greater visibility across the enterprise as well as a new level of traceability that reduces errors and prevents the late discovery of issues. Advanced analytics, made possible by combining Internet of Things (IoT) data from assets in the field (the “Physical Twin”) with engineering insight (from the “Digital Twin”) improve product availability and performance.

Our solution helps companies leverage the Internet of Things to collect information from the assets in the field and create a physical twin of the product. Combining this information with engineering data contained within the product lifecycle management system (the “Digital Twin”) will provide the insight needed to achieve a competitive advantage.


IP Protection & Export Control

One of the key challenges facing highly regulated industries such as Space is difficulty in achieving program goals while navigating the global IP and export control (ITAR) regulatory environment. Another challenge is enabling global collaboration and innovation. 

Siemens Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology allows sensitive company IP data to be protected when downloaded and shared outside, providing document-level access and usage controls (rights) applied directly to documents. These controls persist, no matter where the documents are downloaded, uploaded, shared, or consumed, both inside and outside of the organization. Rights can be highly detailed and configurable in order to precisely control access and usage scenarios.

Product Design for Space Suppliers

Given the number of companies involved in Space programs (OEMs and many tiers of suppliers), the multi-disciplinary nature of the projects (requiring mechanical, electrical and software design), and the need for efficient information exchange, it is essential that companies can work with many different CAD formats. Our broad selection of data exchange tools supports vendor-neutral standard exchange formats, data translators, and CAD file conversion tools to accurately move data between systems.

Screenshot 2024-01-04 141552.png

Thermal analysis and simulation

Use comprehensive thermal simulation capabilities to help you understand thermal characteristics in order to customize your thermal management solution.

NX, Amesim and Simcenter provide a comprehensive set of tools to perform orbital thermal analysis integrated into your design and engineering process. It allows you to maximize efficiency with an automated solution that carries out the thermal analysis in a single pass.  Simcenter helps resolve engineering challenges early in the design process and is a valuable tool for predicting and understanding thermal physics for space-bound, orbiting and interplanetary vehicles.


Space Systems Composites

Space systems suppliers must have confidence in their composite designs because there are no second chances. They need a composite design, manufacturing and inspection solution that enables their space systems to meet requirements for schedule, strength, weight, durability and manufacturing for the most challenging space applications.

Siemens space systems composite engineering design and manufacturing solution supports the end-to-end design of components and structures through a complete digital twin and a digital thread, enabling complete connectivity of information through design, analysis, manufacturing, and inspection.


Engineer innovation with multiphysics computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation

Simcenter STAR-CCM+ is a complete multiphysics solution for the simulation of products and designs operating under real-world conditions.


The single integrated environment includes everything from CAD, automated meshing, multiphysics CFD, sophisticated postprocessing, and design exploration. This allows engineers to efficiently explore the entire design space to make better design decisions faster.

download (1).jpeg
AM Build prep 2.jpg

Design for additive manufacturing

 AM expands the possibilities for product design, allowing for topology optimized parts, lattice structures, meshing and geometric patterns

AM build prep.jpg

Additive Manufacturing 

Build process simulation

Simulate the build process prior to printing, anticipating distortion and automatically generating the corrected geometry.

3D Nesting.png

Multi-Axis Additive Deposition

Produce state-of-the-art designs with Multi-Axis Deposition, allowing you to create multi-axis additive manufacturing toolpaths. 

Rocket Launch
Launch before you build it!

With an integrated model, space craft architects can work in a collaborative system simulation environment and check the impact of system architecture choices on a total system level.

The Simcenter digital twin is an essential component of Xcelerator, the Siemens portfolio that accelerates the digital transformation required to be relevant in the new space era.

In this white paper, we we explain how Simcenter™, from Siemens Digital Industries Software, can help space companies innovate their products and processes faster through the digital twin.

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Innovate your products and processes faster through the digital twin.

SpaceDot uses Simcenter 3D to reduce the mass of the satellites primary payload structure by 30 percent
Using simulation to design, manufacture, test and prepare a satellite launchPDM.
download (2).jpeg

The SpaceDot team has been working on a multidisciplinary project for several years that requires advanced simulation. They used Simcenter 3D software modeling tools and Simcenter NASTRAN software to address some of their structural simulation challenges. Using Simcenter 3D helped them reduce the time required to prepare a simulation. Using Simcenter NASTRAN solver helped them minimize the required run time compared to the software they used prior to Simcenter.

Are you ready to digitise your Space company?

Through Siemens industry-leading software, and specialist consultancy services, we support all space manufacturing businesses to reach new heights. Whether you design and build parts, spacecraft interiors, structural parts, production tools or aftermarket parts, we’ve got an affordable solution for you.

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