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NX CAD/CAM Fundamentals
3 days I NX CAD/CAM

Course Overview:
Kaizen PLM provide training which enables the customer to utilise the various features and modules in NX CAD and CAM environments, further empowering efficiency and innovation. CAM users from time to time will be required to make changes to CAD models or generate their own model as required in order to utilise NX CAM’s capabilities in an efficient manner. With that in mind Kaizen PLM have included an NX CAD Essentials training module to enable the user, resulting in a well-rounded skill set by the end of the training.

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Course Delivery:

NX CAD/CAM Fundamentals

Our training modules are developed to progressively train the customer with each step being built on the previous, setting a solid foundation to build more demanding skills on. The course will be a combination of presentations, discussions and hands-on activities followed by questions in relation to the trainees’ requirements.

3 days I NX CAD/CAM

NX CAD – Fundamentals – Day 1
• Edit Features and Resolve Failures
• Alter a Sketch to Complete Model Edits
• Resolve Parent Reference for a Sketch
• Map Parent Objects for a Replaced Feature
• Compare Revisions of a Model
• Trim a Solid to a Surface
• Using Shell
• Sweep Geometry Using Sweep Along Guide and Tube
• Using Sweep Volume Command
• Build Parts with Duplicated Geometry
• Symmetric Models

NX CAM – Fundamentals – Day 2
• Defining the Manufacturing Process
• Creating and Structuring NC Programmes
• Examining Parts for Manufacturing
• Creating Shop Documentation
• Manufacturing Process Documentation
• Descriptions and Notes in Manufacturing
• Using CAM Express
• Cavity Milling
• Using Coordinate Systems in Manufacturing
• Visualizing Tool Paths
• Planar Milling
• Hole Making
• Fixed Axis Contouring
• Machining Options
• Feature Based Machining and Efficiency Options

X CAM – Multi Axis – Day 3
• Plunge Milling
• Mixing Directions in High Speed Machining
• Fixed Axis Contour Milling
• Drive Geometry using Curves and Edges
• Area Milling Drive
• Using Cutting Parameters to Avoid Cutting Air
• Define Centre of Rotation
• 5 Axis Z-Level Milling
• Variable Axis Contour Milling
• Tool Axis Lead and Tilt Angles
• Tilt Tool Axis
• Optimise and Interpolate the Tool Axis
• Variable Axis – Streamline Drive Method
• Machine Tubes and Ports
• Variable Axis Guiding Curves
• Avoiding Collisions by Tilting Tool Axis
• Collision Checking and Avoidance

Note – There is an option for custom training for your specific requirements. Please outline what you require to be covered and we will provide a custom training proposal to meet your needs.

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