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As an additive and virtual commissioning smart expert partner for Siemens Industry Software in the UK & Ireland market, we help companies enhance their product development and manufacturing capability.

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How businesses design, engineer, manufacture, and build is always evolving and changing. The solutions available to meet these changes are also in a state of flux. The impact of adopting digitalization alone can be challenging. At Kaizen PLM, we add value to our customers across a wide range of industries by understanding how all these elements can affect businesses today and may impact them going forwards.

Who we are

At Kaizen PLM we are Siemens go to market partner for Additive software deployments and Virtual Commissioning in the UK and Ireland. We are the first and only certified Smart Expert partner for Additive Design, Simulation and Manufacturing for Siemens in the UK and we work directly with Siemens digital industry software on AM deployments. We provide consultancy, training, deployment, and support for Siemens growing range of software solutions.

We are also Siemens partner for Virtual Commissioning solutions in the UK. Our sister companies Park Electrical Services and Underwoods are the UK’s largest distributors of Siemens Factory Automation solutions, and we work with them to provide an end to end digital twin solution which emulates the physical behaviour of a machine without disturbing the daily production.


Affordable Mechanical Product Design Solutions for Small and Medium Business

Up to 65% off for qualifying SMB’s across UK and Ireland

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