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Build Process Simulation

The AM Process Simulation solution uses a digital twin to simulate the build process prior to printing, anticipating distortion within the printing process and automatically generating the corrected geometry to compensate for these distortions. This simulation is paramount for constructing a ‘first time right’ print, and necessary for achieving the efficiencies required of a fully industrialized additive manufacturing process.  

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With underlying technology like XFEM analysis, the Simcenter 3D AM Process Simulation tool shows how the predicted distortion on the left is confirmed by the comparison of the real-world part to the original CAD data on the right.

Generate pre-compensated models

When metal parts are 3D printed, the method used to fuse the layers of the print typically involves heat. As the layers build up, the residual heat can cause parts to warp inside the printer, causing various problems, from structural issues within the part itself to print stoppage. Issues such as these cause many prints to fail, and make getting a “first-time-right” print very difficult. Simulation of the printing process can help to alleviate many of these problems. Users can generate pre-compensated models to correct areas of distortion found during simulation. 

The product provides a guided workflow to the user that allows for the assessment of distortions, the prediction of recoater collisions, prediction of areas of overheating, and other important feedback about the print process. The AM Process Simulation solution offers the ability to iterate on a solution between the design and build tray setup steps of the workflow, and the simulation step, saving printing companies time and money by eliminating the need for test prints.

Mesh-based build simulation yields precise results for thermal and mechanical impact of the build process

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