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Up to 65% off for qualifying SMB’s across UK and Ireland

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Teamcenter X eBook: Discover the power of cloud-based PLM

Is your software helping you become agile so you can develop the products of the future? This e-book explains the power of cloud-based PLM with Teamcenter X.

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Teamcenter X offers full functionality PLM with the added benefits of the cloud:

  • Gain instant PLM access for all stakeholders, anytime, anywhere

  • Reduce the cost of ownership with predictable operational expenses and minimal IT infrastructure

  • Accelerate product development, leverage existing knowledge to support design re-use, manage change and speed cycle time

  • Streamline product development and manufacturing processes with internal and external stakeholders

  • Create a multi-domain bill of material (BOM) to visualize your entire product


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Shift the IT burden with SaaS PLM

"When a company uses a SaaS PLM solution, data security is the responsibility of the solution provider and its cloud partner... As a result, the likelihood of data theft and product development-crippling malware is much less than with on-premises PLM".


Lifecycle Insights, The Business Case for Cloud-Based SaaS PLM

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