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Fast and accurate budgeting for injection mould tools

  • Quickly Categorise and specify tool costs

  • Automatically detects negative zones and helps define moving elements

  • Automatically create commercial documentation

  • Easily and quickly define of moulding zones

  • Dynamically adjust plate and component dimensions

  • Automatically detect ribs and other details

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With QuickQuote by Cadflow You Will:

Increase Speed

With QuickQuote, after choosing the 3D model of the part and defining the initial parameters, a value is instantly calculated based on the characteristics of the part and the preferences defined by the user. Any change in parameters causes an immediate update of the final value, allowing you to quickly analyze different approaches in mold design.

Improve Precision

The use of 3D models in conjunction with the automatic detection of moving elements and other important details of the mold from the part, reflects an adequate description of the industrial reality in which the project will be developed and allows the QuickQuote software to obtain repeated and great precision.

Easily Import Geometry

QuickQuote allows the import of part geometry in STL format. The universality and simplicity of this format ensure that the model received from the customer is easily and quickly introduced into the budgeting system, which allows operations to be instant and dynamic.

Automatic Documentation

The QuickQuote software automatically produces the preliminary drawings of the mold and schemes of representation of the moving elements of the same. This allows you to have a better perception of the work to be done, increasing your level of trust with the supplier company.

Easy Customisation

To support companies of different sizes, QuickQuote comes pre-installed with average material costs and average hourly costs for jobs that reflect the reality of the mold industry in Portugal. This allows you to start budgeting work immediately, without complex customizations.

Existing budgeting forms and reports can be adapted to QuickQuote's automatic documentation, with minimal effort, thanks to the common technologies used.

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