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Greater flexibility on the path to more individual products

The dairy sector is characterised by high cost-sensitivity and mass production, innovative packaging and a growing variety of flavours. Digitalisation offers new ways of optimising the entire value chain. To successfully master the digital transformation, it is necessary to become a Digital Enterprise, which can be done at speed and scale with Siemens Xcelerator.

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Digitalized solutions for the dairy industry

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Challenges for the Dairy Industry

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Discover a holistic approach for the dairy industry

The increasing demands for healthy, sustainable products and their sustainable production require a holistic approach. Digitisation enables manufacturers to prove at all times, from the field to the table, that they comply with regulations and ensure the best possible quality of food. With Siemens' solutions it’s possible to create digital twins of the dairy products, plants, and production lines to simulate and optimize the entire workflow.

Spray dryer optimisation

Spray dryers in the dairy industry evaporate the liquid in milk using a stream of hot air – an extremely energy- and time-consuming process. Using data, you can optimize your spray dryer in order to increase efficiency, flexibility, quality, and speed.

Optimise chiller plants

Conventional chiller systems do not necessarily operate as per design temperature splits. Siemens Xcelerator solutions with real data monitoring and analytics across components makes the system more efficient.

Master the challenges of complexity in dairies with the use of technology

Manufacturers of dairy products are facing a huge increase in complexity: In consumer-driven markets, demand for personalization and individualization is growing. New variants, produced fast and with highest quality, can be handled easier thanks to Digital Threads.

Discover the Digital Threads in the dairy industry

Each of the five threads anchors in one of the Digital Twins from product development all the way to tracking the final product. The Digital Threads help solving the most important customer problems independent of company size and market. They can be implemented individually for each company, starting where value is created.

Pave the way for continuous innovation

In the food and beverage industry, the product comprises for example the beverage and the packaging. Developing a new product requires a multidisciplinary design. Building a bridge between R&D and manufacturing for beverage and packages with Smart Product and Process Design helps accelerate development. Simulation, validation, documentation, and use of virtual assets all around the world for are the foundation for continuous innovation.

Combining the real and the digital worlds

Flexible Manufacturing provides seamless transition from the digital world with design, engineering, and simulation to shopfloors with the right technology to effectively manage operation and automate execution.

Optimize production processes through modernisation that preserves liquidity

Increase production efficiency
Increase the efficiency of your dairy through better raw material yields, less material loss, and optimized throughput times, and avoid production downtime.

Increase sustainability
Optimize the consumption of energy, water, and chemicals through targeted modernization – for sustainable production and a better CO₂ balance.

Accelerate time to market and protect processes
Respond faster and more flexibly to new market demands through more efficient development and production of new products and easier product changes and protect your dairy from the growing threat of cyberattacks with a holistic approach.

Tetra Pak Cheese and Powder Systems uses multi-physics simulations to optimise complex spray behaviours.

Improving product quality using SimcenterSTAR-CCM+

  • Optimized conditions of drying by  correct design of air flow and nozzles

  • Improved product quality (better taste) by ensuring optimum conditions of spray drying

  • Avoided expensive pilot plant construction


“By actively using CFD, we have greatly improved our understanding of the complex physics of spray dryers.”

Alfred Jongsma, R&D Manager

Featured Solutions

Integrated Program & Lifecycle Management (IP&LM) for Consumer Products

Providing a complete story of a product’s lifecycle, while merging conventional capabilities using product and production lifecycle management information from a single source. Integrated Program & Lifecycle Management enables companies to gain full process transparency, share detailed data to stakeholders for reliable decision making and facilitate the reuse of the intellectual property. This combination enables intuitive participation, easily controlled and monitored for the next step in managing your product portfolio and business processes, watch this short video.

Integrated Program Management_Hero Image_tcm27-91048.jpg

Artwork Development

Artwork is the main communication of brand equity and the critical information needed to inspire purchase of dairy products. It must be right, compliant and communicate the claims and benefits of the product.  Artwork build on the foundation of a PLM will increase agility and quality, reduce the risk of recall, and improve the designer’s ability to focus on creative aspects that drive purchase and loyalty.


Formulated Product Design for Food & Beverage

Customers demand innovative products that are healthy, environmentally friendly, and low-priced. This puts tremendous pressure on food product design. Reducing time-to-market and improving flexibility and efficiency requires sophisticated formula design, simulation, and management capabilities, including management of detailed material characteristics, efficient candidate selection mechanisms, and parameterization of quality testing. Combined with a full integration of R&D and manufacturing, the Siemens food and beverage management software will streamline and optimize R&D related processes, for an unrivalled competitive advantage. 


Integrated Manufacturing Operations

In order to respond to fast-changing consumer needs, dairy packaged goods companies need to be more and more adaptive and act in a more agile way to sustain market share. Integrated Manufacturing Operations is one of the key levers to overcome this challenge.

Dairy product portfolios are becoming more and more complex, containing many product variations mainly driven by micro-segmentation to gain market share.

This adds complexity to the manufacturing process, leading to a situation where information on how to execute manufacturing operations becomes more critical and error-prone.

CPR-integrated-manufacturing-operations-1280x720_tcm27-78128 (1).jpg

Simcenter Amesim

Simcenter Amesim is a system simulation platform that allows design engineers to virtually assess and optimize the systems' performance.


Insights Hub

Insights Hub drives smart manufacturing through the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Gain actionable insights with asset and operational data and improve your processes.



Simcenter Flomaster offers a comprehensive simulation toolset for designing, commissioning and operating thermo-fluid systems.

See how dairies benefit from the Siemens solution portfolio 
Many of the Siemens products and solutions from the Digital Enterprise portfolio are already being successfully used in the dairy industry. Here are some examples.

Nestlé’s plant in Juuka, Finland, is producing high-quality gravies, demi-glace, and fonds for chefs and restaurants. Modernizing the old, remotely located plant was a challenge but with help of Siemens’ Digital Enterprise portfolio it quickly became a success story for Nestlé.

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A powerful network infrastructure is the backbone for reliable production. Properly designed, it provides system transparency and flexibility for future expansions. This was recognized by Molkerei Ammerland where it was their desire for a new network concept that met these requirements to support the dynamic growth of the company.

download (2).png

Embracing digitalization is helping Indolakto manage growth, uphold quality, optimize cost savings, and maintain its strong position in Indonesia’s highly competitive dairy market. Insights Hub as part of the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio help to make data useful – or “smart.”

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Through Siemens industry-leading software, and specialist consultancy services, we support all food design and manufacturing businesses to reach new heights. 

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