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Up to 65% off for qualifying SMB’s across UK and Ireland


Design Simulation Tools for Small and Medium Business

Design simulation helps manufacturers verify and validate the intended function of a product under development, as well as the manufacturability of the product, meaning you can reduce product development costs and time by avoiding recurrent physical prototype testing and improving quality.


Working with our partners:


Design Simulation for Virtual Testing & Validation

Reduce development costs and bring innovative products to the market faster than your competition

Design Simulation for Manufacturability

Virtually test behavior of a product under various operating and environmental conditions

Simulation Models v. Physical Prototypes

Simulation brings manufacturers closer to the ultimate dream of building a single prototype


Benefits of Design Simulation

  • Make design decisions taking into account their impact on functional performance and manufacturing

  • Balance different functional aspects during concept development

  • Reduce cost and increase design efficiency by removing unneeded material and weight

  •  Provide performance and manufacturability insights earlier in the development process

  • Leverage detailed, attribute-specific models for validation and product refinement

  •  Provide results through simulation models which are hard or even impossible to measure on physical prototypes

  •  Virtually test simulation models under extreme operational conditions

Find out more about our Simulation Tools or Mechanical Design Bundles Today.

 As a smart expert partner for Siemens Industry Software in the UK & Ireland market, Kaizen help SMB's enhance their product development and manufacturing capability with more affordable solutions for that anyone else.

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