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Energy & Utilities

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Digitalisation for the Energy and Utilities Industry

Siemens Digital Industries Software offers energy and utilities owners and operators, utility service companies, and equipment manufacturers a broad suite of best practice-driven software solutions that facilitate supply chain collaboration in the design, construction, maintenance and retirement of mission-critical energy and utilities assets.


Featured Solutions

Digital Lifecycle Excellence

The Energy & Utilities industry is challenged with more dynamic markets, evolving technology, and significant changes to public policy and regulatory frameworks. The document-driven processes that have been in place for decades will not provide knowledge workers with the correct information they need fast enough to deliver top-tier performance. The future of Energy & Utilities will belong to those organizations that can achieve excellence in optimising the digital lifecycle of their assets.


Operational Excellence

The energy and utilities industry is evolving rapidly. To stay ahead, energy businesses must accelerate digital transformation, integrating their operational and information technologies to deliver new levels of agility and resilience as data-driven enterprises.


Siemens solutions enable you to create a fully connected digital plant that continuously optimizes systems and processes in real-time, providing new insights into operational performance and sustainability to power business outcomes and innovation.

Integrated Design and Configuration

Successful design and construction of large capital assets demand speed, precision and close collaboration between multiple stakeholders. But construction companies often struggle with poor performance and productivity, cost overruns, and low margins. To emerge as strong leaders, organisations must pivot to an industrialised construction approach, moving from a project-based approach to a product-based one.

Siemens' Integrated Design and Configuration portfolio of solutions is designed to help energy, chemicals, and infrastructure companies industrialize their design processes. This involves using modular designs for their capital assets and optimizing them for improved performance and sustainability.


Capital Asset Lifecycle Management

Today’s Energy & Utilities industry must be more efficient and cost-competitive to succeed. Implementing a lifecycle approach to consolidating project technical information is critical to meeting these challenges.

Siemens solutions improve how you manage change, execute work processes, drive quality, and connect to external suppliers and customers.

Featured customer success

The ProMinent Group


3D increases design efficiency for complete water treatment system supplier

ProMinent Slovensko transforms from component supplier to complete systems provider with Solid Edge.

Software Solutions for Energy & Utilities


Solid Edge

Solid Edge software enables energy and utilities equipment manufacturers to streamline their design processes and meet these market pressures.


Opcenter APS

Create a fully connected digital plant that continuously optimises systems and processes in real-time, providing new insights into operational performance and sustainability.


Simcenter Amesim 

Simcenter Amesim is a system simulation platform that allows design engineers to virtually assess and optimize the systems' performance



Simcenter Flomaster offers a comprehensive simulation toolset for designing, commissioning and operating thermo-fluid systems.

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