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Polyscan surround 3D scanners

PolyScan XS

The PolyScan XS is designed to measure part up to 250mm, combining 210 scanning units. It aims at high precision applications with a volumetric accuracy up to 5µm. Its design is based on a optical laboratory table principle: a structure made of granite for optimal metrology dynamics supported by vibration-damping mounts. Those features make the XS suited for metrology lab, or shop-floor installation. Full part inspection is completed in only 6 minutes

PolyScan XL

The PolyScan XL is designed to measure part up to 1300mm, combining 12 cameras and 12 projectors to provide 210 effective scanning units. It is a perfect match for medium-to-large aerospace castings, or automotive sheet metal components. Complete inspection of parts this size is still completed in only 6 minutes. Surround design and simplicity of automation also means it can be easily integrated into a production line, while being 100% safe for human operators.

PolyScan XH

The PolyScan XH is designed to measure part up to 6500mm, combining 2380 scanning units. It’s a versatile measurement system, well suited for automotive sheet metal components ranging from a door, to a full-length bodyside. System can have a hybrid scanning volume configuration: using only the center scanning units with smaller parts for a faster cycle time, or use all the scanning units for longer components.