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Digitalisation for the Marine Industry

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Read how Simcenter, NX & Teamcenter help marine manufacturers reduce testing time by up to 20 percent...

Digitalisation for the Marine Industry

Competitiveness i​n the marine industry hinges on the ability to master complex design and manufacturing risks. Our advanced Siemens Software for the Marine Industry helps you meet the rising demand for high-value vessels with on-time, on-budget, and top-quality project delivery every time.


Featured Solutions

Integrated Ship Design & Engineering

Today’s marine market demands greener, smarter, and more high-tech vessels. To remain competitive, shipbuilders must deliver those vessels on time, on budget, and on quality. Our Integrated Ship Design and Engineering solution enables marine companies to remain in control of the design spiral. By bringing all their multidisciplinary design data, processes, and tools in one centralized environment, they can break down information and collaboration silos, boost innovation, and improve enterprise productivity.

Integrated Project Planning & Execution

As the demand for high value-added vessels increases, so does the need to identify and mitigate the risks associated with more complex design and manufacturing processes. This need is compounded by the current climate of unpredictability and increased competition in the shipbuilding market. To remain competitive, a shipyard must deliver bids that are both attractive and accurate. To this end, having a fully planned, resourced, and budgeted end-to-end project management solution has become critical.


Digital ship lifecycle management

To meet today’s regulations and market demands, ships need to be greener, safer, smarter, more cost-effective, more connected, and more adaptable than ever before. As new functionalities are added to what is already a highly complex product, more parties (e.g. suppliers, subcontractors, co-makers) need to be involved in the design, manufacturing, and maintenance processes. With ship service lives reaching up to 40 years for a commercial vessel and 50 years for a naval one, it becomes apparent that robust ship lifecycle management is not optional—it is critical.

Digital Ship Construction

Stricter environmental/safety regulations and increasingly customised functional requirements have been driving the demand for more complex vessels. Shipyards must deliver on spec, on time, and on budget if they are to remain competitive. 

Shipbuilding is a complex process. To cut costs and increase productivity without compromising quality, this process needs to be fine-tuned and, as much as possible, automated. By leveraging digital twin technology, digital shipyards can minimize risks and inefficiencies in their current manufacturing process and turn complexity into a competitive advantage.


Ship Service & Maintenance

As the economic slowdown continues to impact the already overcrowded shipping market, shipowners and operators are looking to maximize profit margins by lowering operational costs and improving vessel availability. At the same time, the rise of information and communication technology (ICT) is bringing data collection, exchange and analysis to an unprecedented level, opening new horizons for shipping companies and shipbuilders alike. Siemens software allows you to capitalise on this sea of newly available data to reduce operational costs and extend vessel availability.


Featured customer success

Andreani Design


The right combination of skill and technology helps Andreani Design win new business; services now include product engineering and industrialisation

With implementation of NX, industrial design specialist significantly improves portfolio offering and operational effectiveness.

Featured customer success

Thyssen Krup


How Simcenter Flomaster is used by ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems at its submarine yard in Kiel, Germany.

Simcenter Flomaster helps ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems enhance pipe and pump design

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Star CCM+

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Simcenter Star CCM+

Siemens NX


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Cargo Ship at Sea

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