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Digitalize your production and make it more sustainable

With both traditional and digital service offerings for motion control, we support you in your digital transformation journey while also addressing your strategic targets like environment friendly production, resource efficiency, and much more.

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Working with our partners:

Long-term value creation with Motion Control Service

Your production is full of hidden potential. We support you with our proven seven-step approach to identify optimization potential and show you how to take advantage of it – along the entire production process in your plant.

Services for Machine Tool Systems

Our services help machine tool manufacturers and operators identify new potential along the entire value chain and lay the foundation for production optimization based on a custom digitalization strategy.


Digital Services

​Want to identify hidden potential – and exploit it? Our seven service steps cover the entire lifecycle of your machines and help you achieve your objectives in all areas on a lasting basis. 


Traditional Services

On the path to digital manufacturing, our traditional services provide a strong foundation for rigorous and lasting improvements to your processes. We’re there to help you throughout the entire lifecycle of your production systems. Whether it’s for mechanical engineers, dealers, or machine operators, or for product development, production operation, or optimization.

Local Service Contracts


A Local Service Contract designed specifically for your plant covers the service life of your machine tools and production systems just like a modular preventive care program – a crucial contribution to efficient production. 

Retrofit for Machine Tools


Take your controller to the state of the art – with a manageable level of investment. Are the mechanical components of your machine tool still in good condition, but the control and/or drive section are no longer technically up-to-date? A retrofit for machine tools, for example to SINUMERIK ONE, could be the solution and often much more economical than purchasing a new machine.

​Drive System Services - analog or digital

We keep your production running and provide the basis for continuous improvement. We’re on hand to assist in all sectors, putting our experience and skills at your disposal with our range of services for low-voltage drive systems, consisting of SINAMICS converters and SIMOTICS electric motors. We’ll be there wherever you need us, throughout the entire lifecycle of your machine.


We support you along the entire lifecycle

Reviewing and consulting in detail

In the first step, our digitalization experts perform a Digitalization Check to determine how your motors and converters can be connected to MindSphere. Based on these results, we give you specific, comprehensive recommendations for the next steps in the digitalization process of your drive components.


Customized implementation of drive systems

In the second step, we create the perfect connection linking your drive systems and motors with MindSphere. Customized connection modules are available for various converter and motor types. That means you’ll already have access to key operational data for your motors and converters.


A sound basis for optimization

Based on the data transparency we achieve, we provide you with the assistance you need to make your drive components more reliable, available, and efficient for the long term. One example is Predictive Services, which gives you benefits not only from stored data but also from our expertise in industrial implementation and automation.

Optimized processes - Use Cases

Higher availability with Predictive Drive System Services

  • Improved plant transparency to optimize maintenance activities

  • Increase plant availability by planning maintenance activities during scheduled production shutdowns


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